Microsoft Azure Hour for Education

Microsoft has created an opportunity for Microsoft customers to check-in and hear Azure updates, ask questions, and further engage in the Microsoft community. 

Join in the Azure Hour for Education. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are here to support your business operations and help you make the most of your cloud environment. The Azure Hour for Education is a Teams meeting that happens every Friday at 11am PST. Join in the conversation and let us know if there is anything that piques your interest or something you would like to learn more about.

What do you need to do to join?

Please create your own (reoccurring) new meeting invite and copy/paste the following meeting details into the calendar entry.  If this is the first time you have joined a ‘Teams’ meeting, we hope you’ll find it very easy to join either through the web or by downloading the client.

Azure Hour Microsoft Team

You can always attend the call without joining our Azure Hour Team (Microsoft Teams), however, if you also wish to join the Team, please send an email to or and request to be included.

Joining the Team will provide the following benefits:

  • You’ll have access to recorded content, slides, and materials from our weekly calls. This includes numerous topics presented by our Product Team, Your Peers, and the Microsoft EDU Azure Technical Team.
  • You can participate in ongoing dialog outside of the weekly call to ask questions and engage your peers from across the US.
  • We publish important links that will keep you informed about Microsoft events, Azure Updates, and important announcements.
  • You’ll be the first to learn about our Azure Focus Hours virtual workshop events that we hold regularly for deep dives into Azure technologies.

Contact us to learn more about something that was discussed in the meeting or any other cloud-related questions you may have. We are here 24×7 to support you.

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