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Project Management

Forsyte's White Glove Project Management Approach

As a Project Manager for Forsyte, I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing numerous projects successfully close with varying degrees of complexities and time frames. Having a detailed-oriented and involved Project Management Team is a clear differentiator to the maturity of an IT partner, and I’m proud to be part of the dedicated team at Forsyte!

Our Viewpoint for Project Success

Projects are a change in process within an organization. The organization’s culture, structure, and polices all influence the outcome of a project. A Project Manager must be a Change Manager and have full understanding of how their role can impact a project’s success. The Project Manager engages with stakeholders and project teams to determine the project’s purpose and key objectives. In doing so, the Project Manager must create an environment where the team can feel heard, and know their input is valued.

Our Process

Here at Forsyte, we understand that Project Managers are also Change Managers. When we begin a project with a client, we work hard to communicate key deliverables and metrics to form the larger picture of what the project is and isn’t. We determine what obstacles exist and devise strategies to overcome them. It’s all part of the start to finish process.

Forsyte Project Managers maintain an open dialog with our clients, their stakeholders, and the project team in general. We set up working sessions for over-the-shoulder work, set sync meetings when our Dev Engineers are doing development work, and send out project scorecards on a regular basis (when necessary).

Currently the COVID-19 Pandemic has dramatically changed a majority of organizations’ working structures. Employees, staff, and faculty have been required to work from home for an extended period of time. In order for employees to have access to their organization’s data, security, and Windows Virtual Desktop, Forsyte Project Managers needed to find a middle ground between not compromising security protocols and getting the job done to our clients’ satisfaction.


Going Above and Beyond

Forsyte Project Managers have played a key part in managing project budgets for funded Microsoft Projects to make it possible to hit milestones and support client funding. Just another example of how the Forsyte team works together to support one another and put our clients’ needs first. The level of project management, team involvement, and attention to detail make all the difference in the success of a project. As a whole, we do our best to partner for our clients’ success and driving technology innovation.


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