Move from Zoom to Microsoft Teams

Security concerns mount around Zoom

In the race to support online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country fled to Zoom as the way to communicate with students and continue classroom discussions online. Over the past several weeks, talks of privacy and the security holes in the Zoom platform began to be highlighted as something schools should carefully assess. Fast forward to today, and numerous “Zoombombing” episodes have been robbing students of a stress-free classroom experience, with strangers hacking into Zoom rooms to disrupt learning and shock the audience.

Zoom is reportedly being banned in NYC public schools

We have recently learned that the chancellor of the New York City’s Department of Education, Richard A. Carranza, sent an email to school principals letting them know that they should stop using Zoom “as soon as possible.” Many schools across the country are in the same situation and need a viable opportunity now. Not only are their teachers and students faced with the online teaching and learning curve, but now they will need to jump ship if they are on Zoom and turn to a reliable alternative for the safety of all involved.

The mature alternative is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been growing behind the scenes and furthering its collaboration capabilities over the last six months. The tool is available to all who have Office 365 and Microsoft is now offering those who do not have O365 in place a chance to run Teams for free. (LINK – opens new window)

The Washington Post quotes spokesperson for the NYC Education Department, Danielle Filson, as saying: “Providing a safe and secure remote learning experience for our students is essential, and upon further review of security concerns, schools should move away from using Zoom as soon as possible. There are many new components to remote learning, and we are making real-time decisions in the best interest of our staff and student.

 We will support staff and students in transitioning to different platforms such as Microsoft Teams that have the same capabilities with appropriate security measures in place.”

Forsyte is making it easy to make this switch to Teams

Now is the time to make the jump to Microsoft Teams and Forsyte is making that all too easy. As top security and gurus across the country, the team is packed full of experts who understand the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and set up governance parameters, on top of the already secure solution. Schools need a secure collaboration platform and a Microsoft partner who can help get them set up QUICKLY. Speed is of the essence. Now is the time to engage Forsyte and get your school up to speed.

Forsyte will deliver a Microsoft Teams Quick Start to:

  • Gather data needed to create a Teams engagement strategy
  • Provide a summary of engagement
  • Help schools understand how to run remote classrooms (Teams + LMS), train users, and support them
  • Rush IT Governance to address the priority of educators, teachers, and staff working remotely
  • Offer supportive documentation and tutorials to guide students in downloading and using the Teams app

What you need to know now

Don’t take the chance on sub-par security. Get the secure platform you need to take your online learning efforts into the future, knowing you are fully supported by the ever-evolving and security-first Microsoft solution, Teams.

  • Backed by Microsoft security
  • Designed with security-first in mind
  • Free for all schools
  • Included as a part of the Office 365 suite
  • Integrates with Office 365 apps for better collaboration
  • Makes it easy to communicate securely with teams


Call or email the team and set up a time to learn your next steps: 844-587-4535 |

Learn more: Forsyte’s Quick Start Guides

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